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The Manager Component

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The Manager element represents the session manager that will be used to create and maintain HTTP sessions as requested by the associated web application.

A Manager element MAY be nested inside a Context component. If it is not included, a default Manager configuration will be created automatically, which is sufficient for most requirements, — see Standard Manager Implementation below for the details of this configuration.

Common Attributes

All implementations of Manager support the following attributes:


Java class name of the implementation to use. This class must implement the org.apache.catalina.Manager interface. If not specified, the standard value (defined below) will be used.


Set to true to ask the session manager to enforce the restrictions described in the Servlet Specification on distributable applications (primarily, this would mean that all session attributes must implement Set to false (the default) to not enforce these restrictions.

NOTE - The value for this property is inherited automatically based on the presence or absence of the <distributable> element in the web application deployment descriptor (/WEB-INF/web.xml).


The maximum number of active sessions that will be created by this Manager, or -1 (the default) for no limit.

When the limit is reached, any attempt to create a new session (e.g. with HttpServletRequest.getSession() call) will fail with an IllegalStateException.


The initial maximum time interval, in seconds, between client requests before a session is invalidated. A negative value will result in sessions never timing out. If the attribute is not provided, a default of 1800 seconds (30 minutes) is used.

This attribute provides the initial value whenever a new session is created, but the interval may be dynamically varied by a servlet via the setMaxInactiveInterval method of the HttpSession object.


The length of session ids created by this Manager, measured in bytes, excluding subsequent conversion to a hexadecimal string and excluding any JVM route information used for load balancing. The default is 16. You should set the length on a nested SessionIdGenerator element instead.

Standard Implementation

Tomcat provides two standard implementations of Manager for use — the default one stores active sessions, while the optional one stores active sessions that have been swapped out (in addition to saving sessions across a restart of Tomcat) in a storage location that is selected via the use of an appropriate Store nested element.

Standard Manager Implementation

The standard implementation of Manager is org.apache.catalina.session.StandardManager. It supports the following additional attributes (in addition to the common attributes listed above):


Absolute or relative (to the work directory for this